Bacchus Electric Guitar – BST-2-RSM/M-SOB (Made in China)

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Roasted Maple Series

Roasted Maple is a material that comes as a result of treating Maple wood with a high heat process, volatilizing the water and oils in the wood, giving as a result a more sturdy and durable wood that not only increases stability but also the overall sound quality of the material. The sound that we get from Roasted Maple is a rich, organic sound with a vintage-like tone that is reminiscent of an instrument that has aged its sound with time and usage. This is a new product lineup of Bacchus that puts this amazing feature, which is often used in high-end models, at a reasonable price range.


Roasted maple & mint colored parts for a delicious look!

An SSH layout model using Roasted Maple for the neck and fretboard.

Mint-colored parts are used for the pickguard and knobs, giving the look of an old guitar.

With the SSH pickup layout, you have access to a wide range of sounds, regardless of genre, from clean tones to powerful tones to overtake the scene. Furthermore, a coil tap switch is included, and the rear humbucker outputs a shining sound similar to that of a single pickup.


Color Lineup


※The images are from a prototype model.

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