What is so Special about Microclean Filter Products?


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Product Range
    Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • C 100
    Automatic Transmission Oil Filters
  • MA 120


In industry, saving resources, while cutting costs, is paramount. We are proud of our contribution: continually developing advanced filtration and separation technology to do just that. Today industry requires solutions for lean manufacturing, lean production and sustainability. That is why all our products are aimed to provide solutions that reflect the essentials: to Reduce, to Reuse and to Recycle.

Microclean therefore delivers a wide variety of "bypass" and "off-line" oil and fluid filtration systems, ensuring clean oil no matter if the system contains 5 liters or 100,000 liters. And Microclean oil cleaners handle solid contamination issues as well as water contamination and oil degradation by-products (resins, sludge, varnish, tars).

The difference between Microclean and other filter manufacturers is our focus on offering a solution that guarantees a measurable result. We do not sell "micron ratings" but the guarantee of a perfectly clean fluid.

Wide Application

Our products are suitable for diesel and petrol powered engines, hydraulic systems and other lubrication oil including but not limited to engine oil, transformer oil, turbine oil and auto transmission fluid etc. This covers prime movers, public transports, generators, tug boats, marine engines, construction, equipments, gantry cranes, screw press hot and press.

Environmental Friendly

Microclean Filters have outstanding results in achieving greener environment by:

  • Reducing used oil disposal up to 90%.
  • Reducing black smoke emission.
  • Lower operation temperature.
  • Quieter engine sound level.

Huge Savings

Our products are proven to reduce the existing operation cost of our customers through minimizing wear and tear, longer engine lifespan and lesser down time. These are the contributing factors causing many fleet owners to lose millions of dollars which can be recoverable.


Microclean Filters products are superior, reliable, user friendly, economical and with outstanding performance.

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Diesel Filters
  • Savings from lesser repari of fuel injectors or pumps.
  • Savings from lower fuel consumption as a result of better combustion efficiency.
  • Savings from lesser traffic summons as a result of reduced black smoke emission.
  • Suitable for all diesel powered engines.
  • Protects fuel injectors and pumps from high wear and tear.
  • Separates water very effectively.
  • Increase engine horsepower as a result of better combustion from cleaner diesel fuel condition.
  • Prolong life span of fuel injectors and fuel pumps.
  • Reduce black smoke emission substantially
  • Lesser diesel fuel wastage.
  • NOTE : Please check the condition of the Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps of your equipment, mobile trucks or vehicles before installing Microclean Diesel Filters.
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Engine Oil Filters
  • Prolong engine oil charge up to 80,000km.
  • Minimize wear and tear of engine internal moving parts.
  • Minimize wear and tear of Turbo Charger.
  • Prevent engine oil from sludge, carbon, metal, dust and water contamination.
  • Protects and Prolong engine operation life span and reduces "Down Time" losses substantially.
  • Protects a labor force and cost by lesser repair due to lesser wear and tear as a result of cleaner oil.
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Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • Eliminate water build up.
  • Minimize acid build up.
  • Remove particles and metal contamination effectively.
  • Maintain hydraulic oil to below NAS 8.
  • Prolong Hydraulic pimp life span.
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Automatic Transmission Oil Filters
  • Suitable for all vehicles and equipments using automatic gears.
  • Protects power transmission's plate from high wear and tear rate as a result of contaminated ATF(Automatic Transmission Fluid).
  • Prolong ATF charge up to 100,000km or 3 years whichever comes first.
  • Protects environment by reducing waste oil disposal by up to 80%.
  • Provides smoother shift for automatic transmission.
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