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AL 240 Diesel Filter

Benefits and features

Cost Saving

  • Savings from lesser repair of fuel injectors or pumps.
  • Savings from lower fuel consumption as a result of better combustion efficiency.
  • Savings from lesser traffic summons as a result of reduced black smoke emission.
  • NOTE: Please check the condition of the Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps of your equipment, mobile trucks or vehicles before installing Microclean Diesel Filters.
Highly Efficient
  • Suitable for all diesel powered engines.
  • Protects fuel injectors and pumps from high wear and tear.
  • Separates water very effectively.
  • Increase engine horsepower as a result of better combustion from cleaner diesel fuel condition.
  • Prolong life span of fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

Material a.) Top Assembly Cover: Aluminum Die Casting

b.) Bottom Assembly: Aluminum Die Casting
Maximum Working Pressure Below 5kgf/cm2
Flow Capacity 30L
Operating Flow Rate 1.5L/min
Element Use FEC-120
Engine Capacity Below 300 Hp
Port Size M16
Micron Rating 1.5 micron
NOTE: The company reserves the right to modify its specifications form
time to time as the company deems fit.
AL-240 Filter replacement element model used is FS-120.
The FS-120 Element should be change at every 20,000KM based on Malaysia standard fuel condition available in the Gasoline Station.
For other countries, the FS-120 Element change may not be the same. Please refer to your country fuel condition as some countries have very high quality and clean diesel fuel whereas some countries have higher contamination level that can choked or restrict the flow before it reaches 20,000KM.