What is so Special about Microclean Filter Products?
Product Range
    Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • C 100
    Automatic Transmission Oil Filters
  • MA 120

Microclean Filtration System

Environmental Friendly Filter Products

  • To embark in the Research and Development and projects that can contribute to a greener environment relating to Automobile Industry. AND
  • To embark in the Research and Development and projects that can contribute to a greener environment by converting Food Waste and biodegradable products into energy and decomposed fertilizer.
    • GOALS
  • To become the market leader in setting higher standard filters for all types of industrial lubricating oil.
  • To be the preferred choice oil filter in the market.
  • To invite potential and qualified companies or organizations to distribute the products in its local market.
  • To provide the best after sales customer service by constantly conducting training on product knowledge, sales and technical development to all our dealers.
  • To bring awareness to the market on their roles in supporting and achieving Greener Environment through the use of Microclean Filters.
  • To provide consultation and custom made system on exceptional cases.
      Microclean Filter products have been tested and proven in achieving the following results :
  • Effectively minimizing waste oil disposal up to 90% from the standard practice of waste oil disposal in the market today.
  • Effectively minimize the wear and tear rate of the machineries, equipments and vehicles using Engine oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil and Gear Oil as a means of lubrication.
  • Effectively reduced the downtime losses through lesser repair and maintenance.

    We have provided numerous consultations to our valuable customers in options to reduce their cost of repair and maintenance; selecting and improving specific oil quality; maintaining oil cleanliness standard; waste oil disposal and meeting specific requirements of relevant authorities.
    You may call us for an appointment in writing to us with at least 14 days notice in advance.

Products Range
  • Diesel Filters
  • Engine Oil Filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Filters
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